Elos is a completely online live communication platform, which works with no installation. It may be used anywhere in the world, in any device, needing only access to the internet!

This page will help you see the basics that Elos offers you, so you can start using it knowing the main functionalities. You will learn how to use the portal and the video conference room.

Elos Portal

Starting a videoconference

To start a videoconference, you just need to click the Play button at the top right corner.


Every conference and recording made in your Elos account will appear here. You can access it clicking on it at the menu on the top of the page.


At the invitation screen you can define the conference participants, date, time and duration. You may also include a description of the conference if you want to.


You can change your room's name, web address or the privacy setting at any given time. Just acces it through the top menu.

Premium account

Do you want to use everything Elos has to offer? Click here and sign up!

Manage account

In this page you can edit your profile, change your password, follow up your monthly reports, your invoices or change your billing information.

Elos Conferences

Listen only or Mic On

On Elos you have the option to participate in a meeting with only audio on, without sharing your microphone. You just need to select which option you want when you open a video conference room. If you want to, you can turn your mic on at any moment, you just need to click at the headset button and select a different option.


Turn your webcam on to have a more realistic experience. To turn it off just click the webcam button again.

Side Menu

At Elos you can see everyone in a conference, use shared notes (edited simultaneously by all participants), start a private chat by clicking on the person you want to talk to, or write on a public chat, so everyone can see what you have to say and participate.


As a moderator you can record your conferences and access them later, at the History page in the web portal. To start recording you must click on the record button on top of the screen. The recording will end automatically when you click the button again, or when you close the conference. If during the conference you turn off the recording and then click on the recording button again, it will start recording again, as if you had just paused it. The sections recorded will appear as a single recording at the History page.

Roles: Moderator, Participant and Presenter

A Moderator is the participant who has control over the conference. Who started it is automatically a moderator, but a moderator can also promote another participant to this role by clicking on them at the participants list. This role can chose who is the presenter, set restrictions over the participants, mute people and perform many other actions.

A Participant is anyone in the conference that is not a moderator.

The Presenter is the one in charge of the presentation. He or she may upload presentations, share their screen, write on the whiteboard, pass slides, and so on. This is an additional role defined by the moderator at any given moment, meaning that participants and moderators may be presenters during a conference, and there is only one presenter at a time.


Elos has several functionalities to make your experience more interactive and collaborative, such as polls, screen, presentation and video sharing, whiteboard, streaming and many others!


You can edit your video conference preferences using the three dots at the top right corner of the screen, where you will find options to set data usage restrictions and to change your platform language.

By clicking on the engine icon at the participant list, you, as a moderator, may also edit the participants permissions (such as restricting chats, video, or microphone), mute all participants, create breakout rooms, and more.

There you go! Now you know the basics of how to use Elos. Just remember: in case you have any doubts check our FAQ or contact us!

We wish you a great experience!